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Glass fixing bracket

What is glass fixing brackets? It also called glass holder, glass fixing clamps and fixing clamp. The glass holder can be said to be a fixer,  which is fixed by a screw. The function is to fix the glass, fixing clamp is generally be suitable for 8-12 mm tempered glass, we can also match the customers what they need with the corresponding fixing clamp. We have all kinds of clamps(such as glass fixing clamps), big ones and small ones, depending on your choice. Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. is a china glass fixing brackets and glass clamp importer, manufacturers and suppliers,welcome to contact us for more production details. 

Explanation of Quality Requirements for the Manufacture of glass fixing brackets:

1. The width and height of the embedded cable bracket must conform to the stipulated values of the relevant standards and specifications.
2. All kinds of bending and accessory models of embedded cable bracket must conform to the engineering placement conditions and form a set with the bridge frame.
3. The type selection of embedded cable support and hanger must be arranged according to the type, number of layers and span of embedded cable support. Satisfactory load requirements.

Installation steps of combined glass fixing brackets:
A set of glass fixing brackets includes FRP columns, brackets, pins (bolts) and polymer fixed caps. The installation tools are ordinary electric drills, drills and wrenches.

1. Installation of the column: The positioning line on the back of the column has installation holes with diameter_12.5. According to the installation drawings and the location of the installation holes of the column, M12 expansion bolt is used to fix the column on the wall. Gaskets must be installed between the bolt and the column. The grooved column is as close as possible to the wall.
2. Cable: Drag the cable to the installation position of cable bracket.
3. Bracket installation: According to the requirements of bracket layer spacing, assembly holes have been reserved on the positioning line on both sides of the column with hole diameter 8.5; bracket is fixed on the grooved column with bolts, the bolts are moderately tightened, and gaskets must be added between bolts and columns.
4. Cable positioning and fixing: Place the cable on the bracket and tie it up. Place the heaviest cable on the base of the bracket as far as possible.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic cable bracket is especially suitable for use in moist, acid and alkali background. Compared with ordinary cable bracket, FRP cable bracket has good rigidity and corrosion resistance, and will not show the phenomenon of metal bracket tilting downward under long-term load conditions.
We consider that the suitable material bracket is insulating material without grounding, and it satisfies the safety requirements of low smoke and non-toxic fire protection.
Installation is also very convenient, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. It is suitable to use non-recyclable materials to prevent theft.
The installation of glass fixing brackets composite cable bracket is based on prescription dispensing method:
Suitable for all kinds of cable laying places, on-site installation and cable laying equipment is extremely convenient.
The specifications of the bracket assembly joint screw are M8*65 and the column fixed expansion screw is M12. It has excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
The glass fixing brackets cable bracket produced by us is a combination type, consisting of bracket, column and deployment screw. The column is groove material, which can arbitrarily intercept a length according to the demand, adjust the height of the floor and assemble freely. The bracket has five specifications for users to select, which can satisfy different lengths and load requirements.