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Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers

Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.  is leading glass cabinet hinges suppliers.Choose from our wide range of glass cabinet hinges, you will find what you need. More products for glass cabinet hinges suppliers:

Hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allows relative rotation between them. Glass cabinet hinges can be made of movable components or foldable materials. Hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows. According to material classification, they are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. Hydraulic hinges (also known as damper hinges) have appeared to make people enjoy better. Their characteristics are that they bring cushioning function when cabinet doors are closed and minimize the noise from collision with cabinet.

Glass cabinet hinges are used to install frameless glass cabinet doors. The thickness of the glass is not more than 5-6 mm. The design has holes and all the properties of spring hinge. Non-drilling is magnetic suction type and top-down type, such as Pepsi, magnetic glass hinge, etc.

The Glass cabinet hinges is a simple and environmentally friendly glass plate connecting mechanism.

The utility model comprises a body and a glass plate, which is characterized in that the body is provided with a groove with the same number as the glass plate, and the glass plate is placed in the corresponding groove. One wall of each groove is provided with a positioning groove, and the positioning groove is equipped with a rubber pad, which extends out of the positioning groove; the other wall of each groove is provided with a guide groove matching with a pressing strip, and the outer side of the positioning groove is also provided, and the positioning groove is also provided with a rubber pad, which extends out of the positioning groove, and the bottom of the guiding groove is provided with a screw hole which penetrates the outside of the body and matches the screw.

  • Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers

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    Select new high quality Glass Cabinet Hinges products in best price from certified Chinese Suppliers. Foshan Nanhai Ze Yu Decorative Shower Room Manufacturer is specialized in Glass Cabinet Hinges. The Long-round large size 90 degree glass door shower hinge can open outside and Self closing to 0°when within 30°open position. Find Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers here, just contact us for further information.

  • 180 degree Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers

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    Wholesale Various High Quality Glass Cabinet Hinges Products from Zeyu Global Cabinet Door Pivot Hinges Suppliers. Our products more than 10 series,500 kinds of styles. Brushed nickel 180 degree glass to glass hinge enable door closed zero position angle can be fine tuning,adjustable angle ±10°.Welcome contact is for morea leading specialist for Glass Cabinet Hinges with Chinese Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers.

  • Heavy duty Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers

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    Contact verified Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers, Cabinet Hinge exporters wholesalers in China. Zeyu is the reliable and professional Glass Cabinet Hinges Suppliers Hinge Manufacturers. Glass Cabinet Hinges Installation is that One side is fixed to the wall, another side is mounted on the active glass, the wall and glass are 90 degree.