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Door Knob Brands

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As one of the trustworthy door knob brands in China, let us ask you a question: if your window or door is broken, the first thing you will do is to ask for help from a technician, but which will cost you both time and money, so why don't you choose a trustworthy door knob brands? Because door knob brands can do so much for you including not only providing you with the good quality door knob but also the after service in time. Besides, good door knob brands can be your true helper by providing you with the best information exactly as you need as follow:
First of all, the installation height of the door knob is generally between 80-100cm, and the height of the door knob is generally 110cm from the ground. Of course, the height of some security door knobs maybe 113cm. But this is only a general height, because the family members of each family are of different height and the habit of opening doors is different. Therefore, the specific height of the door knob should be set according to the practical situation. The design of door knob height also includes the size of shoes, and the average additional height of men and women's shoes is different, which should be carefully considered.
Second of all, door knobs should generally be installed horizontally when the forearm is the most comfortable, because the forearm and wrist joint are only subjected to tension and no additional bending and twisting force. Mechanically speaking, this is the most economical way. In other words, the appropriate height of the door knob should be the height of the elbow joint. Because the door is not tailor-made for a person, the principle of determining this height is to make as many people as possible comfortable. This needs to look at the distribution density of elbow joint height and size, and the maximum distribution density should be selected. The size of the human body is about normal distribution, if it is for the door frame design, choose the maximum percentile, because the door frame has only the lowest limit, and there is no optimal value.
The last but not the least, we should consider whether there are any children at home. Can a child get to the door knob when he is at home alone? Is it convenient for him to use it? This is also a more important issue. If the height of the door knob is too high for the child to reach, he has to step on the chair to get there. This is a big safety hazard. If you are really afraid that it will not be convenient to decorate in the future, you can consider setting a height setting lower than the appropriate height of family members by about 100mm. After all, children will grow up, so don’t set it too low.
Maybe you don't even pay attention to these factors when choosing a door, but helping you to know about all these is a pleasure for all the good door knob brands. Hopefully, we can do more to help you in the future by letting you know more about what the door knob brands can do for you.


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